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What's The Best Vape Alternative No Nicotine?

by Natalie M on Sep 14, 2023

What's The Best Vape Alternative No Nicotine?

Vapes are often advertised as a 'safer alternative' to cigarettes, and I’m
guessing you believed it.

Most people are not aware that vapes can still cause the same damage to
their health as a normal cigarette. Surprise! 

Being adopted by millions of Gen Z and Millenials because of the abundant amounts of flavors which can be switched based on preference, it causes a massive threat to the health of multiple generations - just as cigarettes are going out of style.

And now, many of those who looked to vapes as the alternative are starting to quit vaping through options that are still filled with chemicals.

Are you one of those looking for the best nicotine-free vape alternative
that will help you quit?

I've got you, as I’ll introduce you later on to a 100% natural method that helped me in my journey.

First, let’s first talk about vaping and its negative effects. Then we’ll move on to the solution!

Why Vapes Are Harmful

A vape, also known as an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), is powered by
a battery that, when it runs the coil inside hot, turns the liquid or flavoring into smoke that you inhale.

Not even considering yet the health effects, there have been many reports of vapes exploding and causing injuries - since it’s battery-operated, that is most likely to happen due to overheating.

Vape liquid is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and other similar ingredients. The inhalation of these substances can cause damage to the throat, lungs, mouth, and every bodily system connected to them (hint: everything in the body is connected).

That’s not all - exhaling the smoke at the people around you can harm
their nose, throat, and even their lungs since the chemicals are being directly
exposed to them. 

Vaping may taste better than a cigarette because of the amount of childlike flavors being produced, but guess what? The heavy consumption of artificial flavors can also pose health risks such as headaches and digestive problems. It's like eating candy.

Now, we’ve learned a lot about why vapes are harmful. But we haven't even touched on nicotine yet. So what does nicotine do to our bodies?

Why Nicotine is Harmful

Do you know why you crave a hit? The answer is nicotine.

Whether it’s a vape or a cigarette—it’s a drug that is very addictive when consumed.

Many will say "well, it naturally occurs in the tobacco plant" which is true - but only accounts for around 5% of its composition, and is never smoked in its pure form. Always mixed into other chemicals! It's like saying you can eat a type of soap because there's coconut oil in it.

Nicotine can be absorbed through your skin, mouth, and lungs. The
fastest way for nicotine to travel through the body is by the lungs. It only takes
around 10–20 seconds for it to reach your brain. Speedy.

When it’s present in your body, it can increase your heart rate and harm the lining of your arteries, causing many ailments, including heart disease.

It can also damage your cognitive function—your way of thinking, reasoning, and learning. The accuracy of your memory can also be reduced, which can lead to dementia.

Further consumption of nicotine builds up addiction, reproductive
problems, lung damage, brain impairment, and other detrimental effects on our

So, we’ve identified the harmful effects of nicotine. All important points to consider when switching to the best vape alternative no nicotine that I’ll later on share with you!

Let’s now take a look at how we can stop the habits that keep you in the nicotine routine!

Which Habits You Have To Replace To Quit

Vaping is a challenging habit to quit if you’re frequently doing it for a long
time. But there really is just a few keys to unlock when quitting the habits that keep you coming back.

First is the hand-to-mouth habit. When you’re in the process of quitting, you’ll probably feel the need to  imitate the action of using a vape. Some people chewing on sugar-free gum or toothpicks, but this can also become pricey over time and may harm your gum health.

If you find yourself feeling that craving, try to compose yourself by taking
deep breaths—it can be any breathing exercise, such as pursed lip breathing or
diaphragmatic breathing exercise, whichever you find comfortable (hint: we'll introduce a tool at the end to help this).

If you miss the feeling of holding a vape (which is understandable, especially if you have tactile needs), some people try to keep your hands busy by holding a small ring or a stress ball - however, it's hard to do this in public.

It’s important to discipline yourself, so create a plan, stick to it, and get rid
of any vaping materials around you. This can eventually help in replacing your
vaping habit.

The Bad Alternatives To Vaping

Let’s first start with the bad alternatives before proceeding to the good
part. Because who likes to hear the good news first?

One of the bad alternatives is nicotine patches - they can cause irritation on the skin, such as rash and itching. Anxiety and depression may also develop from the use of nicotine patches long term. They are still nicotine, so you're not quitting the nicotine routine with this one.

Next is the nicotine gum. Big problem here - you may experience tooth decay from
continuous use. Also, sleep deprivation and a risk of oral cancer may occur. It’s not advisable to use nicotine patches and gum for a long time or to exceed the number of doses per day. That's hard when you have a habit.

I’m also assuming you thought about settling for a nicotine-free vape. Sadly, the answer would be that it’s still harmful for your health.

It may not contain any nicotine, but it still has propylene glycol, glycerin, and other chemicals that you breathe in with each breath.

Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest using any of these, but instead, I’ll introduce
you to the best vape alternative no nicotine that I’ve been using and am still
using until now!

The Best Alternative, Eden Necklace 

best vape alternative no nicotine

We’ve now come to the most exciting part: I introduce you to the Bliss Eden Necklace! This has been a lifesaver in my journey to quitting vaping.

The Eden is the best vape alternative no nicotine that you could ever find. Its design is perfectly made to replace the hand-to-mouth habit.

That the mouthpiece is custom-machined to flawlessly recreate the feeling of slow inhalation and exhalation.

Its material composition is medical-grade 316 stainless steel—a waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and mouth-safe material, so you can wear it safely when showering or taking a swim!

It can also match any of your outfits, as you have the option to choose from four different colors—gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black—that hang on a beautiful chain! It also weighs just a few grams, so you can wear it comfortably in any setting.

The Eden is the perfect vape alternative since it doesn’t produce any smoke or scent and is 100% natural, whispering quietly as you use it.

Not only that, but it comes with a premium leather pouch, cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet.

If that’s not enough for you, then here’s another plus: the Bliss Eden Necklace offers a money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, amazing customer service that you can rely on, and hundreds of positive reviews!


You now have an idea of what's the best vape alternative no nicotine on the market!

It’s up to you if you want to try the other ways that you’ve read; however, I’m recommending the Bliss Eden necklace as a must-try. It saved me and got me through my vaping habit of many years.

Vaping and its nicotine cause a lot of different health problems, so I suggest you start your quitting journey as soon as possible to protect your own health and that of others who get exposed to the smoke!

It’s important to choose what’s best for us, and that, for me, is the Eden. I hope it will be for you too!

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