Top 3 Ways To Give Up Vaping

Top 3 Ways To Give Up Vaping

Did you know that some chemicals in vapes have been associated with an increased risk of cancer? That’s right, and it’s something that’s quite concerning, especially since many smokers turn to vaping because they think it’s safer.

Don’t worry, if you wish to quit and are looking for a little bit of extra help, this article will cover the top 3 ways to give up vaping for good.

First, however, let’s talk about how vaping can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer. We’ll shed some light on this matter once and for all.

What Illnesses Can Vaping Cause?

Vape pens and other such devices, like e-cigarettes, contain a vast amount of chemicals, quite a few of which are harmful and dangerous to humans when inhaled.

As an example, chromium is found in many e-cigarette brands, and is a rather harmful substance to inhale. We’ll get to why shortly.

Nickel is another such dangerous thing, also found in many different vaping devices, and also quite harmful to say the least.

Both of these substances have been linked to respiratory illnesses, including but not limited to cancer of the lung.

Know what else these two substances are used in? Industrial processes such as welding, and electroplating, among others.

And those are just two examples, with there being many, many more harmful chemicals encountered in vape pens and e-cigs.

Cadmium, another substance found in some vapes and e-cigs, not only carries a risk of lung cancer when inhaled, but can also damage your kidneys.

When looking at all these drawbacks, the choice to quit seems even more appealing, doesn’t it? Still, it’s understandable that one may need a little help, since vaping is often addictive.

Let’s move on to showing you the top 3 ways to give up vaping today.

Top 3 Ways To Give Up Vaping

#3 - Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises are typically used to fight anxiety and stress, but they also work very well against vaping and smoking addictions, as they help calm down both you, and your urge to vape.

How you do these exercises is basically as follows:

You inhale deeply, through your belly, for a number of seconds. The number is up to you, just make sure it’s comfortable, yet slow.

Next, you hold your breath inside for a few seconds. Again, the number of seconds is up to you, whatever you’re comfortable with. Never force yourself to hold for longer than comfortable!

Finally, you exhale, slowly and fully, for several seconds.

After this, repeat from the first step, as needed.

What this breathing exercise does is trigger your parasympathetic nervous system. That’s the part of our brains responsible for helping us calm down after a rush of adrenaline, but it also works against stress and anxiety, both of which are known side effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Even if you didn’t use vapes that contained nicotine, this technique also works against purely psychological dependence, so it’s still good to do it.

Basically, by doing these sorts of breathing exercises when the urge to vape kicks in, you are able to lower the severity of the urge, by removing the stress and anxiety it tends to bring with it.

The downside with this method is that it may appear odd to others, breathing deeply in public, so you may want to only do it when in private, which isn’t always ideal, since the urge may strike when you’re outside, or at work, or at a party, or… you get the picture.

It may also be hard for beginners to get it right the first couple of times, which may lead to feelings of frustration, which in turn would risk harming your progress. It’s important to stay patient, this is not a quick fix.

#2 - Habit Replacement

This one is a simple, yet highly effective, method to make the quitting process easier.

Picture the three main things you do when you vape: holding the vape pen in your hand, bringing it up to your mouth, and then inhaling from it.

What this method does is, it allows you to keep those three habits, while removing the vape from the equation.

This helps you by not making the change appear too drastic or sudden to your subconscious, which will, in turn, make it easier to quit.

Simply replace the vape with any safe item, such as a pen, pencil, or something else of your choice, and keep performing those three actions whenever the urge to vape kicks in, except from now on while using the chosen item instead of the vape device.

It may seem simple, but make no mistake, it’s very effective, as it gives you the comfort of practicing the habits you’ve come to associate with stress relief, minus the harm actually vaping would bring to your body.

The main drawback to this method would be not being able to do it around others, as you may get odd glances your way if people see you puffing on a pen while walking through the park.

Worry not, however, as the next method is not gonna have any drawbacks like these.

#1 - The Champion Of The Top 3 Ways To Give Up Vaping, The Bliss Eden

The Bliss Eden is a small, compact tool that, while taking the outward appearance of a pendant, is actually a formidable ally in anyone’s fight against vaping addiction.

Carefully crafted from medical-grade, 316 stainless steel, it’s free of any and all harmful substances and is 100% natural.

How it helps you is by combining the previous two methods mentioned in this article into one item that you can carry and use anywhere, while eliminating the drawbacks those two other methods had.

Through its custom-machined hollow interior and mouthpiece, it makes it easy even for a beginner to draw and release deep, relaxing breaths through it, even while walking.

It’s near silent, so it doesn’t emit much sound at all when used in this way, and that, coupled with its pendant shape, makes it very discreet, so people won’t know its real purpose unless you want them to.

It also replaces the vape device in the habit replacement method, allowing you to effectively use it in place of your vape anytime, anyplace. This trusty little multitool effectively replaces your vape in a way that is fully natural and healthy.

There’s excellent, top-of-the-line customer support available to all Bliss Eden users, along with 3-day shipping across the USA, and a money-back guarantee included in case you’re unsatisfied with the product.

You get to choose from four beautiful, stylish colors for your Bliss Eden: gold, rose gold, silver and matte black. The Bliss Eden also comes packaged with a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet for your spiritual journey’s needs, should you want to get started on that.


Vaping is dangerous, and addictive, but fortunately, there are ways to make it much easier to quit, like the Bliss Eden and the others listed in this article.

Health is very important to all of us, and each of us deserves to enjoy good health. I sincerely wish you an easy journey towards a healthier, happier version of you.

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