Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Did you know that smoking kills more than 8 million people each year, including 1.3 million non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke?

That's right, and it affects every part of your body: from the lungs, to vascular system, to central nervous system, and more!

Scary, right?

Because of this, many are turning to natural ways to quit smoking that don't require you to keep the nicotine routine going.

Most current alternatives to smoking are simply nicotine in different forms, like patches - but those always carry unwanted side effects.

The natural ways to quit smoking I'll list are virtually risk-free. And, also, a good exercise of your willpower, as well! Let's dive in.

How Smoking Harms Your Body

In case you needed any more motivation to quit smoking, let's talk for a second about how harmful exactly smoking is.

I know you know - but we need to drive the point home.

What exactly do cigarettes contain?

The smoke in cigarettes is not natural. A common misconception is that it's "just tobacco smoke". Nope.

Cigarette contains tons of chemicals, such as lead and hydrogen cyanide (both of which are outright poisonous to the human body) and countless others. Many chemicals found in the smoke from cigarettes are also cancer-causing.

Smoking first and foremost damages the lungs, and respiratory system as a whole.

Our lungs were designed to breathe air, not smoke, and smoke irritates and damages the airways and lungs. It also clogs up our circulatory system, making it harder for our blood to flow freely to where it is needed in our bodies, which can lead to damage to the heart, extremities, whole limbs, central nervous system and brain, and many more. It also damages our teeth.

On a "sweeter" note, smoking also reduces our appetite as well as our taste buds' sensitivity, meaning food becomes less enjoyable. So consider tastier food as a bonus to quitting!

I think the point has been made clear. Let's go ahead and find out how you can quit.

Natural Ways to quit smoking

Natural method #1 - Having an active lifestyle

It's been proven that an active lifestyle can help you quit smoking, both by distracting you from the urge, and by also giving you another, healthier source of dopamine.

Exercise will also help you get your lungs and circulatory system back on track to a healthy state. 

For some people though, that might not be enough on its own to dissuade them from smoking. So let's head over to the next method and check it out.

Natural method #2 - Mindfulness and meditation

Some, if not most, smokers use smoking as a way to calm themselves and de-stress. This too can be replaced naturally, via meditation.

One can use meditation in order to calm themselves down and rid themselves of stress in a way equal, if not superior to, smoking cigarettes.

You can put yourself into a very relaxed state through meditation, achieving levels of relaxation and calmness that cigarettes never could've (without any of the negative side effects).

Natural method #3 - Habit replacement

Smoking addiction is also entrenched through habits.

Hand-to-mouth habit, where you're used to bringing a cigarette up to your mouth.

Inhaling habit, where you're used to taking a drag from a cigarette.

Or even the simple habit of holding a cigarette.

Your mind has associated these habits with relaxation and ritual, something that nowadays comes natural to you.

This can be effectively changed by replacing the cigarettes with something similar but harmless when it comes to these habits.

For example, for the hand-to-mouth habit, you can replace the cigarette with a small peppermint candy (although candy may harm your teeth).

For the inhaling habit, you could inhale air through a plastic or paper straw (although this can look goofy in public).

For the holding habit, you could hold a pencil the same way you hold a cigarette between your fingers.

Natural method #4 - Eden necklace (my best solution)

This is by far the most effective natural way to quit smoking on this list.


It combines every natural method into one.

The Eden is the best natural way to quit smoking that you could ever find. Its design is perfectly made to replace the very habits that keep you coming back to nicotine.

It has a small hollow pendant, with a mouthpiece that is custom-machined to flawlessly recreate the feeling of slow inhalation and exhalation.

Using the Eden necklace combines both methods 2 and 3 from this article, as you can replace cigarettes with it for your formed habits, as well as use it as a meditative, calming tool that also helps you take slow, deep, relaxing breaths which aid you in achieving a deeper and more relaxing  meditative state.

All of this in a portable way, always within reach whenever you need it.

One of the advantages it has over the other methods is that you can it can be done anywhere and combines two of the most effective natural ways to quit smoking into one simple tool.

Made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel—a waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and mouth-safe material, it means you never have to worry about chemicals ever agaun.

You're given the generous option to choose from four different colors—gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black—that hang on a beautiful chain, weighing just a few grams. Office, home, school, and events - it can come with you anywhere, discreetly.

The Eden doesn’t produce any smoke or scent and is 100% natural and drug-free, whispering quietly as you use it.

It comes with premium leather pouch, cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet - all helping to forward your journey into mindfulness.

The amazing Bliss Eden Necklace offers a money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, amazing customer service that you can rely on, and hundreds of positive reviews. The choice is yours!


Smoking is bad. It ruins lives. And a bunch of unnatural methods to quit listed on the broader market aren't that much healthier, either.

Keeping the nicotine routine running while you quit is not the answer - look instead towards fashionable, natural ways to do it to make it as easy as possible. The answer is habit replacement, mindfulness, and activity. Luckily, the Eden necklace covers all the bases for you.

Good luck on your journey to quitting!

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