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Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking

by Natalie M on Sep 05, 2023

Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking

Did you know that cigarette smoking causes about 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States each year?

It's a pretty gruesome statistic, but it is true.

We get it - smoking can be difficult to quit, especially if you want to opt away from unnatural, invasive, or expensive methods.

Luckily, in this post I will detail a few 100% natural remedies to quit smoking.

We'll go over a few options on how you can kick the habit forever and then we'll take a look at my personal recommendation!

Let's dive right in and get you one step closer to quitting the nicotine routine.

Why Smoking Kills 

Smoking hits the body hard every time, everywhere.

The inhalation of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, like tar and nicotine, leads to the development of respiratory issues over time. Lungs, destroyed.

Beyond lung health, smoking has serious cardiovascular consequences. It causes narrowing and hardening of the arteries, leading to the raised risk of heart attacks and strokes. 

This in turn raises your blood pressure and cortisol, which has cascading effects throughout the body.

Thought it stops there? Nope. Smoking has been linked to detrimental effects in the mouth, throat, esophagus, pancreas, and bladder. It affects the bones, complicates pregnancies, and more.

Smoking accelerates the aging process, causing premature wrinkles, yellowed teeth, and dull skin. No more youthful appearance!

Alright, we've heard enough. So how do we quit, ASAP?

Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking

natural remedies to quit smoking

#1 - Mindfulness Practices

Awareness is the key to quitting.

When those awful cravings start to creep up, choosing a mindfulness exercise to re-center and ground yourself in the present moment can help.

For example, simply closing your eyes and visualizing something or somewhere that brings you peace - an open grassy field, a loved one, or even a memory.

Another easy tool in your toolbox is breathing. While we'll talk in a moment the best tool to use for this, you can simply focus on your breath coming in and going out whenever the nicotine habit starts to hit again.

Use breathing methods such as the 4-4-4-4 box breathing method or the 4-7-8 breathing method to start!

#2 - Habitual Replacement

One of the largest parts of quitting the nicotine routine is the habits, and of all the natural remedies to quit smoking, this is a huge one to focus on.

Keeping your hands occupied is key. Fidget toys come in handy, but anything that you can touch with the similar dimensions to a vape or cig is useful. Especially something meaningful that helps you ground your nervous system in the present moment.

Keeping your mouth busy is also important. Sipping on water or tea to keep your mouth from getting dry, or something like chewing gum can help.

#3 - Active Lifestyle Changes

In the natural remedies to quit smoking, another great one is simply lifestyle changes. Pickup a hobby to keep you busy as much as possible in the initial weeks of quitting.

Get more active, sweat more, and get outside. Get in the sun, the rain, the wind. Feel the elements and build muscle. Establishing healthy sports habits and things like Yoga or Saunas can be helpful!

Quit Today With the Eden

natural remedies to quit smoking

After going through my personal journey and looking for natural remedies to quit smoking, I eventually found the Bliss Eden Necklace and fell in love with it.

The Eden hits all the cues - it replaces the hand-to-mouth habit, it keeps your hands and mouth both busy, it's proven to help you breathe better and calm your nervous system, and it looks incredibly stylish!

It's made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel, so you know you're safe when using it - a much healthier alternative to cigarettes or vapes.

That form of steel they use is a waterproof, corrosion-resistant and mouth-safe version, and is safe forever.

The Eden is discreet and works as any regular jewelry you'll come across -  in gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black. This lets you take it to work, keep it on at home, at school, and even at formal events.

It's as quiet as a vape or cigarette is, hangs on a beautiful chain, and weight barely a few grams.

If that wasn't enough, Bliss has a money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, hundreds of positive reviews. It also comes with a gorgeous chakra bracelet and stickers!


Hopefully by the end of this you've found some new natural remedies to quit smoking and to finally heal you on this long, arduous journey.

While my recommendation of the Bliss Eden Necklace is - in my opinion - the most effective, it's up to you to pick and choose what works for you. Maybe even a combination of multiple!

Luckily, the Eden works with breathing habits, hand fidgeting, keeping your mouth busy, and acts as a mindfulness piece. Good luck!

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