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Most Effective Ways To Quit Vaping

by Natalie Miller on Mar 29, 2024

Most Effective Ways To Quit Vaping

Vaping products are often thought of as harmless alternatives to smoking, but how much of that is true? Well, not much, according to researchers studying the effects of vaping on the human body.

In fact, things such as lung injuries and heart problems have been linked to vape use, and it’s even scarier when you realize that in 2022, over 80 million people were estimated to be using vape products globally.

In this article, we’ll go over the most effective ways to quit vaping. But first, let’s take a look at some of the harm vaping can inflict on your body.

What’s The Harm?

 Let’s get started with the proverbial elephant in the room: nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive, and toxic, substance obtained from tobacco. It negatively impacts blood circulation, clogs up arteries, and even affects brain chemistry.

It really doesn’t matter that you’re not consuming it from a cigarette, it’s still just as harmful, no matter how it’s ingested.

It’s so highly addictive that a lot of people never manage to quit. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process easier, which we’ll get to later.

On top of nicotine, there’s also other harmful chemicals in vapes, for example antifreeze (yes, antifreeze) and polyester compounds, and those are just a couple of many, many more.

Knowing that, there’s really no surprise that healthcare workers have noted an increase in vape-related lung injury recently. Inhaling all that stuff can’t be good for a person’s lungs.

Some serious lung diseases have also been linked to some chemicals present in vaping devices. In addition to that, increased blood pressure and clogged arteries risk also don’t sound too good.

Nicotine, whether in vapes or not, also affects the brain chemistry negatively, and has been linked to bipolar disorder.

Even if it calms one down, the drawbacks in health aren’t worth it, especially when there’s other methods to achieve calm that are 100% healthy.

Let’s just straight into the most effective ways to quit vaping, so you can get the help you need in beating this vice, and reclaiming your health.

Most Effective Ways To Quit Vaping

Vaping addiction has two parts, namely: the mental addiction, and the physical addiction. In cases of nicotine-free vaping devices, it’s only a mental addiction, but make no mistake, even that alone can be a challenge to beat.

Fortunately, these methods listed below are highly effective at combating the addiction in either, or both, cases. 

#1 - Deep Breathing

 Deep breathing is a highly effective way to mimic the sensation of inhaling from a vape pen or e-cigarette, and allows you to feel the same calm and relaxation, without any of the negative health implications.

It involves laying or sitting down, or otherwise just being in a comfortable position, and inhaling deeply through your belly, slowly, then holding the breath in for a few moments, before slowly exhaling all the air out, and repeating the process.

It’s been proven that this method helps with both stress reduction, as well as replacing the deep inhales of addictive substances with the healthiest of alternatives: air.

The downsides involve not being able to perform this in public, or on the go, since it’s awkward and hard to do while moving. On top of that, it may be a bit tough to get right the first couple of times, for beginners, which may lead to frustration.

Frustration is not something you want to deal with when quitting, so please, be patient when getting started in using this method. You’ll get it right in no time.

#2 - Replacing The Habits Of Your Addiction

This is something that focuses on the lots of little actions associated with vape addiction. Basically, it makes it easier for you to quit vaping, while allowing you to continue having the habits your subconscious associates with vaping.

The main three habits, which are also the ones I’ll refer to here, to vaping addiction are: the hand-to-mouth habit, the object holding habit, and the inhaling/puffing habit.

Hand-to-mouth refers to the habit of holding the vape device in your hand, and bringing it up to your mouth.

The object holding habit is simply the habit of holding the vape pen or e-cig in your hand.

The inhaling/puffing habit is the habit of actually “taking a drag” from your vape.

How can you replace these? By simply changing the object, while maintaining the habit. For instance, you can use a pen for all three habits.

You hold the pen, you bring it up to your mouth, you puff/drag on it. This effectively allows you to keep the habits which have grown to bring you calm, while taking away the health negatives.

The disadvantage of this method is that it may be seen as strange to do around others, so if that’s a concern, you may want to only do it privately.

Unfortunately, the urge to vape may come at any time, but don’t worry, the next and final method on this list is the most effective way to quit vaping of all of them.

You’ll see why in just a moment.

#3 - The Bliss Eden, The Best Choice Of A Way To Quit Vaping


What is the Bliss Eden? To put it simply, it’s a small, pendant-shaped device that is custom-machined to allow for drawing deep, relaxing breaths through its mouthpiece, allowing even beginners to very easily do deep breathing exercises, even while on the go.

It’s crafted from medical-grade 316 stainless steel and holds no harmful chemicals or materials in its composition, making it fully safe to use.

It’s also near silent, and comes with a beautiful chain to be worn around the neck. This, coupled with its pendant-like shape, allows you to discreetly carry and use it pretty much anywhere, without needing to worry about people asking questions.

You can use it to effectively replace all three main habits of your addiction (hand-to-mouth, object holding and inhaling/puffing), and also to do deep breathing exercises, as well as mimic the sensation you get from vaping without any of the negative health consequences.

It’s essentially a multitool against vaping addiction, and can also be used to combat stress, anxiety, and even allows you to more easily practice meditation if you’d like.

When ordering the Bliss Eden, you get to choose from four gorgeous colors, namely gold, silver, rose gold and matte black. The Bliss Eden also comes packaged with a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet for those who are ready to take the dive into spiritual exploration affairs.

There’s 3-day shipping USA-wide, and excellent customer support is readily available, should you need it. There is also a money-back guarantee, should the product not satisfy your needs or expectations, but I seriously doubt that could ever be the case.

Out of all of the methods, this one takes the unique approach of combining all into one, allowing for much better results while saving lots of time and effort for the user.


Quitting vaping is a journey that’s far from easy, but with the help of the Bliss Eden, I am confident that you’ll be able to defeat this vice, and reclaim the health you deserve.

You are not alone in this journey to quitting, and I wish you well in doing so. Please take care and remember, health matters most.

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