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Komuso Shift Alternative

by Natalie M on Sep 03, 2023

komuso shift alternative

Many search for the Komuso Shift in hopes of finding the solution to their anxiety woes, to further their breathing practices, or maybe even to help quit smoking.

However, many have come to me reporting issues or concerns came up during the purchasing process - cost, design, support, and more. 

Let's delve into what the Komuso Shift is, and what the alternatives are that may better fit your budget and satisfy your needs. 

What is a Komuso Shift?

Komuso shift is an anxiety necklace made by Komuso Design with a chainlink necklace and small pendant. it is characterized by it's matte finish and focus on monochrome design branding.

It is somewhat similar to the Bliss Eden anxiety necklace, with differences we will discuss in a minute.

As many flock to look to the Shift for help, many come walking back and looking for a better alternative.

Let's discuss the potential issues with the Komuso Shift that came up when we spoke to customers.

Why is Komuso Shift not the best on the market?

The major issue is the cost.

Komuso Design's Shift has quickly become increasingly expensive over the year, pricing out many of their core userbase. Pricing out many who truly need an anxiety necklace for help but struggle already with their financial situation.

Starting originally in the $60's, the Komuso Design company raised it quickly when they found success, to $80's, and now to over $100 - a price of $117. 

And there's no telling of whether it'll continue to increase.

This is unfortunate for many with lower incomes, with $120 plus taxes being fairly high-cost.

Secondly, the Komuso Shift has a specific design that many find difficult to use. The design specifically is a half-flat, half slanted end to the mouthpiece part of the pendant. This can be problematic for some with different mouth shapes or sizes, and has been reported to lack efficiency in fully sealing the lips around the opening.

Luckily, there is an alternative with not only better quality, quicker shipping, and faster customer service, but is also designed better and is more affordable for those who want quality but have less disposable income.

Is there a better alternative?

Luckily, yes!

Through our research and design knowledge, we've found the Bliss Eden anxiety necklace to be a better alternative for various reasons.

Firstly, the cost difference is substantial, with the Eden being highly affordable and within budget for nearly anyone looking to decrease their anxiety, panic attacks, and stress.

The Eden is usually $70, but is currently on sale for $55, an awesomely affordable price-point for many with lower incomes, and the perfect price for those who want to buy 2 or more.

Next, the mouthpiece end of the Bliss is built to be slanted not only on one side, but both sides forming a rounded, soft point to seal the lips around for full efficiency when breathing. 

The Bliss Eden also comes with a variety of goodies, including a chakra bracelet meant to balance your energetic and spiritual system, or simply as a reminder on your wrist to stay grounded and in the present moment.

The Eden also comes with a cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, leather pouch, and fun laptop stickers that many have given to their kids, nephews or nieces to stick where they want! This shows how much the Bliss team truly cares for its customers.

This brings us to another point - the speed of shipping and customer service. Bliss' Team is amazing when it comes to speed of shipping with the USA, and is quick to respond to any inquiry you may have.

The Eden is carefully made with medical-grade 316 stainless steel in a slender, discreet form that matches with many different outfits, from formal attire to casual wear.

Bliss' own steel material is strong, resistant to rust or corrosion, and waterproof. The Eden comes in four color options; gold, silver, rose gold, and black.

It is whisper-quiet, less than a few grams in weight, and easy to clean, as it comes with it's own small brush. If you want the highest quality anxiety breathing necklace, there's no doubt the Eden is the superior choice on the market.

Final thoughts

Having explored both the Komuso Design Shift and the Bliss Eden, we can confidently say that the Bliss Eden is more affordable, higher quality, comes with more out of the box, and has better support all-around.

Anxiety necklaces are without a doubt an effective anxiety management tool and companion to meditation or yogas practices, not to mention a great tool for quitting smoking or vaping, and the Eden is the best pick in that arena.

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