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How To Give Up Vaping

by Natalie Miller on Mar 01, 2024

How To Give Up Vaping

Were you aware that vaping has been linked to numerous serious health conditions? Scary things, like circulatory problems, lung injuries and even cancers in some instances!

After taking a look at the best possible methods available, I’ve decided to write this article, showing you exactly how to give up vaping, and why this is the best way to do it.

First, let’s read a bit more about just how harmful vaping is, exactly.

What Harm Can Vaping Do To You?

Vaping products are harmful, with all the vapors and fumes they release, which hold a bunch of harmful, dangerous chemicals, some of which aren’t even well-known, and others downright addictive.

Starting off, we’ve got nicotine. The same stuff that keeps you addicted to cigarettes, also keeps you addicted to vaping, at least for the vapes that contain nicotine, although even the nicotine-free vapes are harmful.

Nicotine is known to do a ton of harm to our bodies when ingested, regardless of the way we do so. It messes up our circulatory system, heart, blood pressure, and even brain chemistry, among others. It’s even been linked to major depressive disorder.

Even when taking nicotine out of the equation, when looking at nicotine-free vape products, there’s still lots of stuff present that messes with your health, such as polyester compounds, propylene glycol and antifreeze.

There is also a not-small number of chemicals present in vape fumes which are not even properly identified yet, and as such, not much is known about the effects those have on our health. It’s possible they can affect your hormones, your cells, and even your future children.

Vaping was shown to cause a number of rather serious problems, such as lung irritation and injury, circulatory system problems, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

Ultrafine particles of material can also be present, which, when inhaled deeply, may leave lasting damage to the airways and lungs.

Let’s jump straight into the main focus of this article, how to give up vaping.

How To GIve Up Vaping

The best way through which you can get the help you need to quit vaping is by using the Bliss Eden, a tool specially built for the purpose of aiding people who struggle with vaping addiction. 

It accomplishes its goal by allowing the user to use it for several different methods meant to aid in the quitting process in an easy, compact and portable way.

The Bliss Eden is a tiny device, shaped in the form of a pendant, carefully crafted out of medical-grade 316 stainless steel, and with harmful stuff whatsoever in it, meaning it is fully natural. The mouthpiece and interior are custom-machined to allow for deep breaths through it.

It comes with a pretty chain, allowing you to wear it around your neck, so that it’s always within your reach. Don’t worry, it’s feather-light, you’ll barely feel that you’re wearing it. Its size makes it discreet, and it’s whisper-silent, so it can be used anywhere and anytime while still avoiding drawing unwanted attention from others.

As to how it works exactly, it combines different, effective quitting methods into one small, portable tool that you can use anywhere you are, so long as you have it with you.

I’ll briefly go over the methods it combines.

Habit replacement: it means replacing the vape device with a non-harmful object in the three main habits associated typically with addictions, which are the object holding habit, the hand-to-mouth one, and the inhaling one.

The object holding habit is the habit of holding your vape device. The Bliss Eden takes the place of the vaping device, giving you the mental satisfaction associated with fulfilling this habit, while doing so without giving you access to vaping.

The hand-to-mouth habit is similar, being the habit of bringing the vape pen up to one’s mouth. The Bliss Eden replaces this as well, allowing you to bring this safe, natural tool up to your mouth for this habit, while getting rid of the vape.

Lastly, the inhaling habit is pretty self-explanatory, being the habit of inhaling from your vape pen, and the Bliss Eden replaces the vape pen in this habit as well.

The Bliss Eden allows you to remove vaping products from your life, while still retaining your habits that you’ve grown used to as a result of vaping, but this time healthily.

The Bliss Eden is carefully machined to allow for drawing deep, slow breaths through its mouthpiece, mimicking the feel of vaping, but also helping you take deep, meditative breaths even when walking or being in public places.

It’s made in such a way that everyone, from beginners to advanced breathing instructors, can use it with immense benefit.

Going the route of mindfulness and deep breathing with the Bliss Eden lets you also take care of any anxiety or stress-related issues too, as a bonus.

The Bliss Eden comes packaged with a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet for you to start your journey on your spiritual path properly. You also have four options to choose from in terms of colors: gold, silver, rose gold and matte black.

With 3-day shipping across the USA, and a money-back guarantee should you not feel satisfied, it’s a no-brainer. Excellent customer support is also a given, for this little marvel of a tool.


Plenty of people who are addicted to vaping wonder how to give up vaping, and hopefully that question was now answered, and you’ll get started on achieving the healthy lifestyle you both deserve and need.

It’s not an easy journey, but the Bliss Eden makes it feel as such, for sure.

I wish you the best in achieving a healthier version of you.

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