Effects of Vaping on Teens

Effects of Vaping on Teens

Walking around outside, we often see people using a vape.

But have you ever thought about how many teens contribute to this habit?

Sadly, it’s more than 1 in 4 teens.

The variety of liquid flavoring that vapes offer is a huge selling point of the product for teens — almost 85% are using flavored ones.

The air they breathe can taste like candy, soda, chocolate, and more. Whatever you can think of, they have it.

It’s very alarming that teens can easily purchase vapes even if there are age restrictions.

You won’t believe it, but some businesses don’t bother checking the ID, or they may be able to buy from those who sell it illegally. Scary, but true.

On the brighter side, there are some who are choosing to turn away from this habit, and that’s perfect timing since I have a 100% natural and proven alternative ready to tell you about.

Let’s first dive into the effects of vaping on teens and eventually get to my recommendation that did wonders for me!

Why Vaping Is Harmful For Teens 

A teen is around 13 to 17 years old, and that is still in the adolescence stage. This is an important stage since this is where the body, brain, and hormones develop—everything in the body really.

Inhaling a vape is likely to interfere with their development - the brain won’t function properly compared to those who don’t vape.

It makes the hippocampus smaller, hence affecting the learning ability and memory of a teen.

Vaping also delays puberty; the necessary hormones being developed are affected by the nicotine chemical found in vapes. It can also increase the chance of experiencing mental health problems.

Not to mention, the quality of sleep is lower, and the vaping chemicals disturb the normal sleeping cycle, making it tough to fall asleep and stay asleep. That’s something we don't want!

These effects of vaping on teens can lead to low immune systems and addiction at an early age.

Alright, enough of these harmful effects. Let’s get into the habits that can be replaced!

effects of vaping on teens

Which Habits a Teen Needs To Replace

With the continuous use of vapes, teens get used to the feeling of having a vape in their mouth, the sensation that they get during inhalation, and holding a vape in their hand — these addictive habits are the effects of vaping on teens.

To replace the hand-to-mouth habit, try eating a lollipop to get your mouth busy, or try brushing your teeth since the feeling and taste of fresh breath can help to lessen the craving for vaping.

While with the inhalation feeling, you can teach yourself breathing techniques to help calm your mind in times of feeling the urge. Spending time outside with nature and feeling its scenery is also one way to boost your mood—you may feel grumpy at times.

And I know you’ve been holding onto your vape for who knows how long. To replace that, you can try holding a pen or pencil to get that feeling of holding something. 

Also, you can wear a piece of jewelry that you could fidget with (hint: we exactly have this tool, but better, and I’ll talk about it more later).

Next up: how to stop a teen from vaping! It’s really a difficult practice, but there are ways, and we haven’t even started with the best tool!

How To Stop a Teen From Vaping 

Teens mostly make decisions that are going to put them at risk, and yes, that’s normal because their brains are still developing. 

Mindfulness exercises can mostly help with quitting vaping, as this method creates more awareness and understanding of their thoughts.

You can try encouraging them to do yoga since it’s a physical activity and, at the same time, a breathing exercise.

For keeping the hands busy and not reaching for a vape, you could suggest solving a Rubik’s cube, which also exercises the brain.

Playing with fidget toys and holding a stress ball can also be ways to do this. However, that’s not something that you could always publicly do, since it looks a bit childish!

It’s important to have an active lifestyle while in the process of quitting. 

Exercise can help prevent weight gain since this is a common occurrence for those quitting the habit. And so, stretch, sweat, and focus on your body!

We've tackled a lot about the effects, habits to replace, and stopping vaping. Now, are you ready to meet the vaping alternative that’s going to change your teen’s (or your) life?

How The Eden Necklace Helps Teens Quit Vaping 

effects of vaping on teens

I've tried every method that possibly there is, and they were all no good. So, let me reveal to you my most prized possession: the Bliss Eden Necklace! It helped me not crave or even think about the feeling of vaping.

What I found most useful with this that other alternatives didn’t have is the ability to mimic the slow inhalation and exhalation I get from using a real vape. It relaxes me and helps get my breathing composed.

This necklace is made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel and is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and mouth-safe to make it last in any situation it encounters! It is also safe, even if you have sensitive skin!

But, what I really like about the Eden is that it's whisper-quiet, so even if you exhale in it, people around you won’t hear a thing since it also has no scent, no smoke, and is 100% natural! I also love that it’s lightweight, so I don’t really feel any discomfort even if I wear it all day long.

The Eden is so chic that it comes in four different colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black, that hangs on a beautiful chain to match any outfit or scenario it may be!

Here’s a nice little treat from Bliss: the necklace comes with a chakra bracelet, a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and instructions on how to use the product! 

Rest easy with the 30-day money-back guarantee, positive reviews, and fast 3-day USA shipping to get on track as quickly as you can.


Vaping is a detrimental habit to get into and the effects of vaping on teens really affects their growth, but there are ways to combat this as early as now! 

I’m glad to share this journey of mine with you and hope you can start on the same one as me. Think of yourself in the future - grabbing an Eden today acts as a huge investment in your health for many years to come.

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