Best Vape Necklace To Quit

Best Vape Necklace To Quit

Were you aware of the fact that the number of EVALI cases is on the rise? EVALI, also known as e-cigarette and vape associated lung injury, is a serious medical condition, which can be fatal.

Lots of chemicals present in vapes are harmful, some downright toxic, or even carcinogenic.

In this article, we’ll go over the best vape necklace to quit this harmful vice once and for all.

First, let’s take a better look at why vaping harms our bodies.

The Serious Health Consequences Of Vaping

Because vapes are used through your respiratory system, that is the system which is most affected by it. Vaping is known to cause asthma and worsen existing asthma in people already suffering from it.

A condition commonly referred to as “popcorn lung” may also be triggered by vaping, and it involves serious scarring of the lung tissue, which leads to difficulty breathing, among others.

EVALI, the condition mentioned in the beginning of the article, is also a direct result of vaping. It causes extensive lung tissue damage, and has been linked to plenty of deaths already, with the numbers growing constantly.

There are lots of harmful chemicals in vapes. One such example is formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic substance, which is also used in the embalming process of corpses.

Vaping can, and does, also affect the heart and brain negatively, particularly more so if the fumes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and has been shown to cause heart conditions as well as alterations in brain chemistry.

In fact, nicotine has been linked to major depressive and bipolar disorders.

Inhaling second hand vapor from vape products is just as dangerous, so it’s definitely worth taking into consideration how it might affect those around you, as it may motivate you further in your efforts to quit.

The dangers are identical for both first-hand and second-hand users of vapes.

Let’s now move on to the best vape necklace to quit, and show you just exactly what makes it the best.

The Best Vape Necklace To Quit, The Bliss Eden

The Bliss Eden is a pendant-like tool that can be worn on a necklace, so that it is always within your reach, for whenever you need it.

It can be used everywhere and at all times in order to ease your withdrawal symptoms and lessen the cravings you’ll feel for vaping. Its discreet nature, given by its pendant-like appearance, ensures you won’t attract unwanted attention when using it in most settings.

Being made out of medical-grade 316 stainless steel, it’s the best drug-free alternative to e-cigarettes, and the mouthpiece through which you breathe will help you replace your oral fixation related to e-cigs.

The Bliss Eden is custom machined to let the user breathe deeply through the mouthpiece, in the same way that breathing exercises work, while also making it easy to do so for beginners, even being on the move.

Breathing through the Bliss Eden also mimics the feeling given by vaping, which is highly effective in combating the urge to use. This is, of course, without any of the dangers that vaping poses.

The Bliss Eden is whisper-silent, in addition to its discreet appearance, so even breathing through it won’t attract any odd glances.

Thanks to its small size, light weight and discretion, the Bliss Eden is the perfect tool, as you can take it with you everywhere, whether it be work, outings with friends, and more.

The Bliss Eden comes together with a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet for some of your spiritual needs, should you be interested in that.

The Bliss Eden also offers a money-back guarantee in case you are left unsatisfied, alongside excellent, top-of-the-line customer support. Three-day shipping across the USA, too, is part of the deal.

All of this makes the Bliss Eden the best vape necklace to quit vaping.


Vaping is more harmful than many think, and quite addictive, which often turns into a vicious cycle.

Luckily, the Bliss Eden provides the needed extra help in the process of quitting this vice.

I wish you the very best in overcoming your vaping addiction, and winning back your health.

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