Best Quit Vaping Necklace

Best Quit Vaping Necklace

Vaping has become all the rage recently, with many of all ages opting to inhale often nicotine-infused glycerin instead of the harsh chemicals that constitute a cigarette.

Making this issue worse is the flavoring vapes often have, often tasting like candy or fruit.

However, a growing number of vapers are turning to quit vaping necklaces to battle the nicotine routine and addiction.

The best quit vaping necklaces are natural, drug free, and are scientifically proven to calm one's nervous system, mimicking the feeling you get in a draw - but with no side effects!

Now, do you need a vape necklace to quit? Are you looking to see what the best one out there is?

First let's discuss why vaping is horrible for your health.

Then let's dive right into what we think the best option is.

Why Vaping Sucks

Vaping may seem cool, but it's very quickly proven to be incredibly harmful. The chemicals in vapes, like nicotine and propylene glycol harm your brain and body, especially if you're young.

Propylene glycol is used to create the thick smoke you see when vaping - it irritates your lungs, coats them in slime, and stunts your growth by inhibiting important hormones.

Next, the plastics used in vaping devices have issues. Vape pens and e-cigarettes are often made of low-quality plastic and non-steel metal. When these materials heat up during vaping, they release harmful chemicals into that air you breathe.

They're called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and cause headaches, dizziness, and respiratory problems.

When you exhale that vapor, it contains those harmful chemicals - and means that people nearby, including family and friends, are exposed to your harmful substances too. 

All-around, there really is no benefit to vaping, especially with nicotine vapes. You're replacing one bad habit with another!

And that's where a quit vaping necklace comes to the rescue.

Best Quit Vaping Necklace

When vetting the best quit vaping necklace, it's key to take into account a few factors.

The first is the material. What good would it be if you just used the same material as a vape?

Well, the good thing is, necklaces such as the Bliss Eden are made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel. This special type of stainless steel is a waterproof, corrosion-resistant and mouth-safe material. 

Next, does the quit vaping necklace you're eyeing come in different colors, such as gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black? While this may seem inconsequential, this is important to making sure you wear it with your individual style and is great when you'd like to help a friend or family member quit vaping.

The next point we should discuss is the mouthpiece of the best quit vaping necklace. 

While most on the market offer 'meh' mouthpieces that don't feel fully natural - which again, is key when you're forming a new habit - the Bliss Eden quit vaping necklace has a custom-designed mouthpiece to fully create that exact slowed exhale and calming effect that you'd get with a vape.

The next part of  your vetting will be making sure your quit vaping necklace is whisper-quiet like the Eden is. This is important in a public setting!

Finally, we have to mention Bliss's full money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, and hundreds of positive reviews.

Thus, it makes complete sense that the Eden is the perfect choice and powerful tool to quit the nicotine routine.

Quit vaping necklaces use ancient civilization monk-like breathing methods, which mimic the drag on a vape and slow inhalation and exhalation. 

There really isn't any better option - one purchase and you're good to switch habits, forever!


Vaping has been proven over and over to be very harmful to bodies of all types, and switching to the best quit vaping necklace as a natural alternative is a huge step in the right direction - you should be proud of yourself for it.

Think of all the money you'll save on cartridges every year - do the math in your head - it adds up fast! 

Bliss' Eden necklace is always there for you, whenever you're ready to make the jump.  

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