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Best Natural Healthy Vape Alternatives

by Natalie Miller on Feb 29, 2024

Best Natural Healthy Vape Alternatives

Plenty of people think of vaping as this harmless, quirky alternative to smoking, but just how right are they, really? As it turns out, not right at all.

Vaping has been linked with increased risk of stroke, heart disease and lung disease, alongside others. That’s pretty far from harmless, isn’t it?

Worry not, for in this article, we’ll cover some of the best natural healthy vape alternatives.

First, though, let’s take a better look at just how harmful vaping can be to our bodies, for informational as well as motivational purposes (motivation for quitting, that is).

What Negative Health Effects Has Vaping Been Linked To?

Starting off, since vape products are mainly consumed via your airways, that’s the most obvious place this is going to impact. Vape use has been associated with causing asthma, or worsening existing asthma.

It’s also been known to sometimes cause lung scarring, through a condition also known as “popcorn lung”. Yikes, that doesn’t sound nice at all!

It can also lead to EVALI (E-cigarette, or vaping, associated lung injury), which can be downright deadly, and causes extensive damage to your respiratory system.

On top of all this, vape usage can damage the heart and brain, as well, especially if the vape juice has nicotine in it (but even without nicotine, the danger is only somewhat lessened).

Among the things to consider about vaping’s effects on our own bodies, there’s also the factor of forcing those in our vicinity to be exposed to these chemicals, if we use vape products.

The dangers are the same, regardless of whether you’re a first-hand or second-hand user.

With all of this said, let’s jump right into showing you the best natural healthy vape alternatives, so that you can drop this dangerous habit with minimal trouble.

Best Natural Healthy Vape Alternatives

#1 - Meditation

Meditation is considered by many, rightfully so, to be a very powerful tool for introspection, self-improvement and attaining inner peace. All of this makes it an excellent tool in combating an addiction or bad habit related to vaping.

It involves sitting, or laying, in a comfortable position, in a quiet place, and shutting out the outside world for the duration. It often involves breathing techniques to help you achieve a meditative state, making your mind, as well as your body, drift into a very pleasant ocean of calmness.

While in that state, the stresses and worries leave our minds and bodies, and we can ground ourselves in the moment, enjoying the present, and looking within ourselves, free to ponder and get a deeper understanding of ourselves.

It’s very useful to do, especially when the urge to vape kicks in, as the calm instilled by meditation vastly reduces the urge’s power.

The main downside is not being able to do this just anywhere, as you require a calm, quiet spot, preferably without anyone else nearby, and with comfortable furniture to sit or lay on.

#2 - Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are often used to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our brain that’s responsible for calming us down after a stressful or scary experience, and work wonders against anxiety.

Coincidentally, they also work wonders against the urge to vape, when it pops up.

It involves breathing in slowly and deeply, through your belly, holding the breath inside your lungs for a number of seconds, and then slowly exhaling, completely.

It gets you calm, drastically reducing the stress caused by the urge, and as a result, also lowering the power that the urge has over your mind.

As a bonus, it can also be used as a mimic of the act of vaping itself, as you can imagine yourself vaping while doing this method, without actually exposing yourself to the harmful chemicals that actually vaping would expose you to.

It’s an excellent aid to quitting.

The primary drawback is not being able to do this in public, as it would look quite awkward, plus you’d probably also not be able to do it while walking with ease.

#3 - Habit Replacement

This is pretty straightforward:

Think of the three main things you’d do with your vape device. Holding it in your hand, bringing it up to your mouth, and inhaling from it.

Now, the trick with this method is to replace the vape in all three instances, with a healthy alternative, such as a pen or pencil.

Basically, instead of holding, bringing up to your mouth, and inhaling from your vape, you’d instead do it with the chosen replacement object.

This may seem goofy, but it actually is quite effective, as it allows us to trick our brain into thinking we’re still performing the habits associated with the addiction (which, we do, just with something else).

What this does is take away part of the urge to use’s power, since our subconscious is still getting the impression the habits are carrying on, even if the vape is removed from the equation.

The main downside is that it may appear odd to others if you puff on a pen while walking down the street, so if you’re concerned about getting strange looks, this method is best used at home, or in other private settings.

#4 - The Best Natural Healthy Vape Alternative, The Bliss Eden

And finally, we’ve reached the best alternative, which I’ve been saving for last.

This little marvel of simple, yet highly effective, engineering allows us to combine all of the above methods into one, simple tool that is light as a feather, discreet, and portable, ready to be used anywhere, and at any time you may need it.

It’s shaped like a pendant, and comes with a beautiful chain, so that you may wear it around your neck. This gives it the appearance of a standard necklace, making its true purpose unknown to those around you.

Crafted from medical-grade 316 stainless steel, it’s fully natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals, fumes or materials.

The interior and mouthpiece are custom-machined to allow for, and make it easier to, drawing and releasing deep, relaxing breaths, the kind used for deep breathing exercises, which we covered in “#2”.

It is near silent, so it completely eliminates the drawback of alternative #2, allowing you to perform deep breathing exercises anywhere. And, thanks to the way the interior is shaped, even on the go.

You can also use it when meditating, which will allow you to more easily slip into that deep, meditative state.

Thanks to its shape, it can also be used as the object replacing the vape pen in the habit replacement method, since you can hold it, bring it up to your mouth, and inhale/exhale through it easily and discreetly.

Sounds very neat so far, and I’m not even done yet.

It comes packed together with a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet, so you can get a proper start on your spiritual journey.

There is excellent customer support available for all Bliss Eden users, and a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

When you order, there’s 3-day USA-wide shipping. You also get to choose between four beautiful colors for your Bliss Eden: gold, silver, rose gold and matte black.

All of this, without a doubt, makes the Bliss Eden the best natural healthy vape alternative.


Health is our most prized possession, because without it, we don’t really have anything. As such, it’s very important for us to take care of it, and try to give up habits which damage it, even if it’s hard to do so, sometimes.

Fortunately, wonderful aids like the Bliss Eden provide us with just the edge we need in the fight against vape addiction.

I hope that you manage to overcome your vaping habit, and come out a healthier person for it.

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