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Best Meditation Tools

by Natalie M on Oct 16, 2023

Best Meditation Tools

Stress is a huge problem in our world.

Like, a huge one.

We weren’t designed to live in the kind of world we live in today, with tight schedules, bills to pay and so much to manage. As a result, more and more people experience chronic stress.

The American Psychological Association reviewed over 200 different studies on the effect of meditation on stress levels. Want to hear what they found out?

It’s very effective.

That’s right, in all studies reviewed by them, at least 40% of participants had decreased stress and cortisol levels after practicing meditation for a brief period of time.

We have the tools within our own minds to help ourselves get rid of stress.

Well, some of us have it easier than others. There are some people who find it hard to meditate without some sort of help. And this help is what we’re gonna be talking about today, as I give you a list of the best meditation tools to use in your war against stress!

Let’s first take a look at…

Why Stress Kills

Stress is a slow and insidious killer.

Yes, that’s right, stress can kill you.

It’s not just something that makes your day more annoying and harder to get through, it can and has real, dangerous consequences for your body.

The sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the flight or fight response, is directly linked to stress.

Stress, especially lots of it, causes the sympathetic nervous system to go haywire. It locks, and stays on, which is like being chased by a predator, all day, every day. Unnatural.

It can lead to increased cortisol levels, which is a hormone released by your body to aid in life-or-death situations. Of course, it’s useful when in an actual danger, but it’s very harmful when you’re constantly getting it pumped throughout your body when not in any danger at all, as a result of stress.

This increased cortisol presence in your body raises your blood pressure, can cause heart problems, strokes, nerve damage, and many more scary things.

Scared you enough for now. Here’s how meditation can help!

How Meditation Heals

best meditation tools

The sympathetic nervous system is known as the fight or flight system, and the parasympathetic nervous system is known as the rest and digest one.

What the latter does is that it calms you down after a fight or flight episode. You have the antidote in your own brain already.

But how do you engage it?


Meditation/mindfulness has been proven by countless peer reviewed studies to be able to vastly reduce or outright eliminate stress levels in those who practice meditation.

Breathing slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth, while relaxing and focusing on just the present without worrying engages your parasympathetic nervous system, effectively shoo-ing your stress away like you would shoo your cat away from the frozen steak you left to defrost in the sink.

Meditation has a ton of benefits, both against stress and other things.

Lower blood pressure, reducing your risk of stroke and other such scary things significantly.

More relaxed muscles, giving your muscles a chance to repair and nurture themselves to become stronger in between bouts of activity.

Slower heartbeat rate, significantly reducing your chance of a heart attack or problems stemming from an overly-jumpy chest engine.

Lower cortisol levels, making you overall calmer and more at ease, freeing up your mind to be more productive and able to focus. Also much lower chance of complications in the rest of your body, which is always a welcome bonus, right?

More energy! You spend a ton of energy if you’re stressed all the time by just existing. Meditation has the potential to give you more energy to spend on your loved ones, hobbies or career, by taking away the energy from the stress and giving it back to its rightful owner, you!

Alright, now let’s make it even easier. I’ll now list a number of the best meditation tools to help you in your meditation against stress.

The Best Meditation Tools

Let’s take a look at these amazingly helpful tools that can help you achieve a meditative state much easier, shall we?

Meditation Chair/Pillow

This can be either an ergonomic chair/pillow, a very comfy one, or both. Sitting on something comfy/ergonomic helps you relax your body much faster and easier than you could otherwise, taking part of the burden off from your muscles. 

After a long day at work it can be just what you need to come home, kick off your dusty shoes and take a seat on your comfortable chair or pillow tailored specifically for meditation purposes, and just letting go of your stress.

There are lots of special chairs and pillows made specifically for meditation, and there’s no shortage of them. The downside, however, is that this tool can’t help you with what the hardest part to achieve is for most people, namely correctly breathing for meditation.

Meditation bowls and gongs

You’ve seen the movies, haven’t you? I mean, we’ve all seen the movies. You know, when that old and wise tibetan monk hits his metal bowl or gong when he starts meditating or when he finally stops, then gets up and kicks the bad guys’ butts?

Yeah, those movies.

Surprisingly, many people report that actually initiating and ending a meditation session with the sound of a meditation bowl or a gong helps.

They claim it gives them a sense of order, of a beginning and an end, an equilibrium of sorts.

There are yet serious studies needing to be done on its actual effects from a scientific point of view, but hey, tons of people claim it helps them, so even if it’s just placebo, as long as it actually helps, it’s good to use!

Still doesn’t do anything to help you with breathing, unfortunately, which is the part most people struggle with, beginners and some experienced meditation enthusiasts alike.

But worry not, the next tool on our list helps with that! Saved the best for last.

The best meditation tool by far - the Bliss Eden

best metitation tools

The Eden is a necklace with a small, hollow pendant with a mouthpiece that is designed specifically to perform slow, relaxing inhales and exhales through.

It is custom-machined to perfectly, flawlessly aid in the art of meditative breathing, helping its users achieve mindfulness much more readily and easily than they would on their own.

This instrument is the best meditation tool, as it focuses precisely on the part of meditation that most people find hard to nail: the breathing.

The shape and dimensions of the mouthpiece allow for slow, relaxing breaths that calm down the body and mind by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system and giving the user something to focus on, making them focus on the moment, which is also an important part of meditation!

The effects are near-instant, almost felt as soon as you start breathing through it.

Another huge advantage of this perfect little tool is that it comes in the form of a necklace, and can be carried around and used discreetly anywhere, any time. You can even meditate while walking in a busy area!

Nobody needs to know that you’re stressed, and they won’t, since the Eden is specifically made to look like a regular piece of jewelry and not a mindfulness/meditation tool at all.

It’s also almost completely silent when used, as an added bonus!

All of this helps you combat stress as soon as it appears, taking back your life from stress’ ugly claws!

It also helps with issues other than stress, such as anxiety and smoking addiction.

The Bliss Eden is completely natural and does not contain any harmful substances whatsoever. Fully safe to use. The only thing you need to do is keep it clean.

It comes packaged with a chakra bracelet that helps you get started on your spiritual meditation journey if you’d like, as well as a premium leather pouch and stickers!

It also comes with a cleaning cloth and brush to help you keep it hygienic and ready to use at all times!

The Bliss Eden also generously offers a money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product, and has excellent customer support and 3-day shipping within the U.S.A.

You can choose what color you want your Eden pendant to be, your choice being between gold, silver, rose gold and matte black.

The pendant itself lies on a very beautiful and lightweight chain, and you most likely won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. It’s so lightweight you may even forget you’re wearing it!

All of these things make the Bliss Eden necklace the very best meditation tool that you’ll need to combat your stress and regain your calm and energy!


Stress is a very harmful element. One that sadly all of us have to deal with at times. Thankfully, the Bliss Eden necklace can help combat it effectively and quickly, at any time!

Using the Eden, one can rid themselves of stress.

I hope that you manage to beat your stress and live a much calmer, more comfortable life. Wish you the best, stay strong, stay calm, wherever you are!

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