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Best Breathing Device For Anxiety

by Natalie M on Oct 02, 2023

Best Breathing Device For Anxiety

Did you know that 27.3% of American adults have an anxiety problem? That's more than a quarter of all American adults!

Anxiety can affect a person's life in many ways. 

Social anxiety can make it hard to socialize, general anxiety can cripple your productivity, etc..

Regretfully, anxiety is a widespread issue, one that lowers quality of life of all its sufferers.

In this article, I'll talk about why it occurs, how you can lower or eliminate it, and tell you about this awesome little thing that's the best breathing device for anxiety!

So, let's get started!

Why Anxiety Happens

There's many possible causes behind a person's anxiety. Sometimes it can be really hard to tell what causes it, even for doctors!

The usual causes behind anxiety are stress, genetics, chemical imbalances, trauma and medical conditions. Yep, all that can trigger anxiety disorders.

A chemical imbalance in the brain, for example, can make your sympathetic nervous system go haywire! And that's very, very not good.

The sympathetic nervous system is basically the part of our nervous system responsible for the fight or flight response. You know, the thing we humans had since the stone age.

You saw a tiger, the fight or flight response kicked in, flooded your body with adrenaline and helped you run away to see another sunrise. It's still useful in dangerous situations!

The problem is that in anxiety disorders, this response kicks in when there's no danger present. Sometimes your brain can interpret a totally safe situation as dangerous and boom! Your whole dinner date is ruined!

The above example with the dinner date is what can happen when our minds misinterpret a situation as being dangerous when in fact it is not. Yep, anxiety disorders do that, too.

Let's talk about another thing: Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases during stress, and plays a major role in the fight or flight response.

Cortisol is what you can blame for when your hands started shaking and you became lightheaded after you read the electricity bill last month.

If you're constantly stressed, Cortisol keeps getting released into the bloodstream, keeping you constantly on edge. That's not healthy at all, either for your mind or your body.

Ok, enough about the problem. Let's go to the solutions!

How to Beat Anxiety

There are a few things you can do to lower or eliminate anxiety, without resorting to pills.

One of the most effective methods is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system. That's basically the sympathetic nervous system's chill and relaxed cousin.

It's responsible for calming you down after a fight or flight response, with its "rest and digest" response. One of the best ways to engage it is through calming breathing techniques.

What you're going to want to do is take deep and slow breaths through your diaphragm over and over.

Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for four, exhale for six.

Easy, right?

Of course, it's kinda weird to do this in the middle of your coffee break with your coworkers, so it's not an option for those with social anxiety or those who may worry about looking odd doing it in public.

So stick to doing this one at home if you get embarrassed.

Next up is practicing mindfulness and meditation. It involves relaxing and being in the present, just focusing on the present and letting go of your worries.

It's best achieved while in a comfortable position, alone, so you may have some difficulty practicing this in public, in the middle of the street on your way to the grocery store.

Reducing your stress is also a great way to lower your body's cortisol levels. You can do this by either avoiding stressful news and situations, or attempting to start caring less about them by practicing mindfulness while experiencing them.

Let's move on to the last option on the list, shall we? Been saving the best for last!

The Best Breathing Device for Anxiety 

best breathing device for anxiety

Here we have it, the Eden!

The Eden is a necklace with a small, hollow pendant with a mouthpiece that is designed specifically to perform slow, relaxing inhales and exhales through.

Perfect for calming breaths and achieving mindfulness!

This marvelous little contraption is custom machined to help you get deep, proper relaxing breaths in a discreet and highly portable way. You can use it pretty much anywhere!

Not only does it help you take those relaxing breathing exercises with you anywhere, discreetly, but the way it is built also facilitates achieving mindfulness while on the go, something very hard to do without a tool like this!

Always around your neck and always within reach, just a second away, ready to help you whenever that pesky anxiety starts rearing its ugly head.

And the best part is that it looks like jewelry, so others won't know what you're doing or why, it'll just look like you're adjusting your pendant!

You no longer need to wait until you're home to calm down after a stressful day. You can calm down right then and there, and laugh in the face of anxiety. I simply love this product.

You're given the option to choose from four different colors for the pendant - gold, silver, rose gold and matte black. The pendant hangs on a beautiful, very lightweight chain. You most likelt won't even feel you're wearing it.

The Eden is free from scent, drugs and smoke. It's 100% natural and safe to use. It also barely produces any noise when exhaled through, only whispering faintly as you do so.

It comes packaged with a premium leather pouch, a Chakra bracelet to get you started on your meditation towards inner balance journey, stickers, a cleaning cloth and a brush to help you keep your pendant clean. (You're putting it in your mouth after all, so it's common sense to maintain it clean!)

The Bliss Eden Necklace also offers a money back guarantee if unsatisfied, as well as excellent customer support and 3-day shipping within the USA.

All of this definitely makes Eden the best breathing device for anxiety! I highly recommend giving it a shot. Or just check out its tons of positive reviews to see what it did for others going through anxiety.


Anxiety drastically lowers quality of life for millions of people, and it has the potential to ruin relationships and lives completely.

Fortunately, it's something that can be beat! A combination of mindfulness and breathing exercises, or better yet, the Eden, can help you achieve a life free from anxiety.

The Eden gives you the option to practice calming breaths and mindfulness anywhere, anytime. You can use it to combat life's daily stresses and worries, and achieve a calm and happy state of mind in your life.

To everyone who struggles with anxiety, I feel your pain and I wish you the best of luck in overcoming it. Take care of yourselves!

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