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Want a drug-free alternative that is also a healthy habit? Try the revolutionary wellness tool that is changing lives, risk-free for 30 days.




"I'm an addiction therapy specialist and want to offer my patients alternative treatment modalities. I wear one around my neck everyday."

Jessie McPherson, MD

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Many use cigs & vapes as a crutch for dealing with stress. 

The Eden is the perfect tool to combat withdrawal symptoms because it's designed to eliminate stress, reduce anxiety, and elevate mood.

Built To Last

Whisper Quiet

Toxin Free

Ease Withdrawal

Breathwork is the best kept secret to wellness, backed by science. The Eden uses a patented design to slow your exhale, giving you more control over stress and anxiety associated withdrawal symptoms

Kick Cravings

The calming exhale of the Eden brings your nervous system back to baseline, empowering you to make healthier choices when a craving arises. 

Combat Anxiety

Originally designed to combat stress, reduce anxiety, and elevate mood, the Eden has become the perfect tool to manage withdrawal symptoms. The Eden acts as a healthier solution and it works because you wear it. 

Replace Oral Fixation

The Eden replaces the ritual of smoking and vaping by mimicking the hand-to-mouth motion of taking a drag or puff from a cig or vape.

Find your withdrawal-free quit solution

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Discover the secret to a healthier, smoke-free life with the Eden. Our patent-pending breathing tool empowers you to break free from stress and cravings, for a calm & balanced lifestyle.


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Quick Relief

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100% Natural

Details & Benefits

- LOVED by 30,000+ customers across the globe (see our 5 star reviews below) 

- Imagine stress fading away as you exhale, cradled by the soothing touch of the Eden. Elevate your style while conquering anxiety and distancing yourself from vaping - its gentle weight against your chest becomes a symbol of serenity and self-control. 

- Built to last an entire lifetime - so you can wave goodbye to those recurring costs from smoking/vaping! 

- The Eden is your new best friend: You'll never want to take it off! It's perfect for providing on the go relief and bringing yourself back down to reality during those stressful moments. 

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Bliss Eden

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Bliss Eden

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The Eden Can Help

1 in 5 Americans ranging ages 18-29 currently use and are addicting to vaping products.

A growing number of studies show the effectiveness of breathing techniques against anxiety which is a primary psychological trigger associated with smoking and vaping.

Breathing techniques influence both physiological factors (by stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (calming the racing thoughts and withdrawal symptoms). 

You're not the first to ask...

Can I inhale through this tool? 

While we didn’t design the Eden for inhalation, customers have told us that they take “drags” through the Eden which replicates the air resistance of hitting a vape or cigarette. They then exhale through it to complete the experience which calms the mind.

Can I just use a straw?

Sure! But have you ever tried whipping out a straw in the middle of a workday? The inner measurements of the Eden are specially engineered to create the ideal exhale (or inhale). Wearing a stylish tool as a daily part of your outfit will help you take breathing breaks instead of smoking ones.

How is it compared to other tools? 

The nicotine patches, gum, and electronic tools are good alternatives but none of those provide you with the immediate and consistent relief, 100% naturally and harmlessly. The Eden is a gamechanger because it feels like a vape or cigarette, replicates those longer breathing patterns, replaces the hand-to-mouth habit, and calms you all at the same time.

What if it doesn’t work for me? 

If you live in the USA, you can simply ship it back free (no questions asked) within 30 days for a full refund That’s how confident we are that this will help you quit. Are you ready to feel better? 

The Eden is your new quit solution.

Use the Eden and its scientifically proven breath techniques to recover from daily stresses, situational triggers,  and cravings from withdrawal from vaping and smoking.

try the Eden risk free | 30 day money back guarantee