Will Quitting Smoking Increase Testosterone?

Will Quitting Smoking Increase Testosterone?

Are you aware that smoking doesn’t just mainly affect your lungs, but also your testosterone level?

Unfortunately, smoking decreases it up to a whopping 15%.

It may not seem like much, but the physical effects are catastrophic.

Around 13 in every 100 men smoke, and they are more likely to smoke compared to women.

And it's seriously alarming how most male smokers are not aware that smoking causes this kind of effect on their most important hormone - testosterone.

But why does it effect it, and how? And how can we stop it?

Why Smoking Lowers Testosterone

Wondering how smoking lowers testosterone?

Smoking first and foremost damages something called the Leydig cells. These are cells that can be found in the testes and is in charge of producing testosterone. Ground zero.

Another effect of smoking is reducing the blood flow to the testes, which harms the production of testosterone, again.

When this happens, there is also an increase in the level of estrogen, a female sex hormone. It can compete with testosterone for binding sites on cells. Because of this, it lessens the presence of testosterone available to the body.

In simpler terms, imagine testosterone as a key that fits into a lock. The lock is a sensory receptor on a cell. When the key binds to the lock, it sends a signal to perform a certain function. With smoking, it impairs the lock, making it tough for the key to bind. 

It can also increase the number of keys that compete for binding the lock leading it to reduced testosterone levels and activity.

These may be due to nicotine and other chemicals found in a cigarette. Nicotine significantly damages the Leydig cells. Cchemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can also harm Leydig cells and increase the struggle of testosterone by the liver.

Sound spooky?

Doesn't have to be that way. It can be fixed.

Let’s now move to learning about increasing testosterone!

Why Quitting Smoking Increases Testosterone 

Will quitting smoking increase testosterone?

The answer is yes - a study found that men who quit for six months had an average increase in the testosterone level of 15%. Boom, back to normal.

Men who chose to quit smoking for one full year actually were said to have a similar level of testosterone to those who never smoked.

Time to start quitting, eh?

Increased testosterone can boost mood and energy levels since it minimizes fatigue and makes your well-being better.

It also strengthens your bones and prevents osteoporosis–a bone disease that makes your bones thinner and brittle.

The increased testosterone level is important for sexual function in men–it increases libido and sperm production.

Besides that, it is the major hormone for muscle growth and development.

Additionally, better testosterone levels improve cognitive function! 

I could go on - but you're here to quit, so let's get into that.

How To Quit Smoking To Increase Testosterone

Still thinking about will quitting smoking increase testosterone? 

You need three easy habits.

First, avoid alcohol, stress, and other triggers that remind you of smoking.

This is hard. Resisting the urge to smoke when you’re under in the moment is hard, especially with nothing to ground or calm you.

Second, improve your lifestyle - and I know this is an arduous task. This can improve your mood and reduce stress, which can ease your quitting journey. Things like yoga, meditation, and walks can even be part of an active lifestyle.

Lastly, replace anything that you have related to smoking–ashtray, lighter, matches, and other smoking paraphernalia. The reason I say replace and not remove is you will look for it - replacing it with similar (but healthier) objects is a huge key.

In this process, as you try to eliminate the nicotine and other chemicals from smoking, it increases testosterone levels and allows your body to restore.

These chemicals create a ton of negative effects on your body - that’s why putting an end to it will make your overall well-being better.

Next up, the best solution I've found on the market that covers every base.

Quit Smoking & Increase Testosterone With The Bliss Eden 

will quitting smoking increase testosterone

Will quitting smoking increase testosterone? With the Eden, the answer is most definitely yes.

The only reason I talk about this tool is because I've used it myself, with amazing success.

The shape and mouth feel of Eden perfectly mimic a cigarette but it has no scent, no smoke, and is 100% natural.

No need to worry about nicotine or other chemicals. 

It's composed of medical-grade 316 stainless steel meaning waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and mouth-safe. It barely weighs a few grams!

Eden also comes in four different colors – gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black that conveniently hangs on a beautiful chain. It’s so convenient to wear this tool as it can be paired with any of my outfits.

I like that this tool whispers quietly so I can seamlessly execute the slow inhalation and exhalation to calm the nervous system.

With hundreds of positive reviews, I can assure you this product is the best out there. Also, it comes with a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, and a chakra bracelet!

What’s even better is Bliss offers a money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, and amazing customer service. 


Quitting smoking is proven to increase your testosterone and I’ve mentioned a lot of benefits that you can experience when you quit. 

The Eden especially made my quitting journey more bearable and while using it I got motivated as days went by because of the fast progress it made for me. Have heard the same from hundreds of others. Grounding, calming, stylish - what more could you want?

Good luck along your journey!

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