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Komuso Shift Review

by Natalie M on Sep 03, 2023

komuso design vs bliss eden

if you've happened upon this article, it's likely you're looking at the Komuso Shift by Komuso Design as a potential aid to your anxiety, panic attacks, or perhaps to quit smoking or vaping.

You aren't alone. Many have looked into this exact thing, searching far and wide to see real and true unbiased reviews on the Komuso Shift.

Here we will discuss some common issues we've heard with the Komuso shift in a bipartisan and unbiased manner, namely being cost, design, support, and more. 

We'll then speak on the alternatives that may fit your budget and fit your style better.

What is a Komuso Shift?

Komuso shift is an anxiety necklace made by Komuso Design.

It is a short 2-inch hollow pendant on a necklace of approximately 25-28 inches. It is made of stainless steel, with the necklace being chainlink-style. It has four color options and overall monochrome design branding 

The overall design is similar to the original Bliss Eden anxiety necklace, however we'll discuss some differences the two have later in this review.

And as many find the Komuso Shift, many also hesitate and come away with reservations on certain issues with the product, that may be solved by other similar ones. 

We spoke to many customers of Komuso Design, and spoke to many potential customers that were looking for a Komuso Shift review, and have determined what the pros and cons to the product is, and even what the best alternative is. Let's dive in!

What are the main issues we've heard about the Komuso Shift?

komuso shift

The most pressing issue we've heard from potential customers is the cost of the Komuso Shift.

Komuso Design's pendant has become more and more expensive over the year when comparing previous price trends and archived web pages.

This unfortunately prices out many of their core customers from purchasing. We've spoken to dozens, if not hundreds of customers who seriously require an anxiety necklace for their panic attacks, anxiety, or to quit smoking - but they may sadly struggle with their financial situation due it. 

Starting originally around $60, Komuso Design quickly raised their price on their customers when they found success. Their anxiety necklace became $80... then $100... and now to a massive $118 as the time of this writing. 

And nobody knows whether Komuso Design will continue to increase it.

Adding taxes, and potential shipping costs, this comes out to $120+.

Many with lower incomes expressed to us the expense of this - adding up to $120 plus taxes. This is evidently a high-cost option on the market.

The second issue we'll discuss is Komuso Shift's mouthpiece and chain designs. 

Their chain is something called a "box chain". A box chain can be inconvenient for a few reasons. One is that box chains are known to be less durable - this is unfortunate when thinking about the cost of the Komuso Design. Box chains are prone to catching hair and clothing in them, which is highly inconvenient.

The mouthpiece of the Komuso Shift has a single-slant design that many find difficult to create a full mouth seal on, affecting their breathing practices.

The half-slant, half-flat mouthpiece can be problematic for customers with various mouth shapes or sizes, and has been reported to us that a double-slant would be easier to use.

However, after hundreds of hours of research we have come up with is an alternative to the Komuso Shift. The alternative has not only a different chain and mouthpiece design, but is priced affordably, has quicker shipping, and has amazing customer service. Let's talk about it in relation to this Komuso Shift review.

What is the better alternative?

Through our extensive design knowledge, we've turned to the Bliss Eden anxiety necklace as the top-of-the-line alternative.

The cost difference of the Eden is massive. It is highly affordable and perfectly within budget - usually $70, but currently on sale for $55. It is an amazingly cost-effective anxiety necklace for those with lower incomes, and is a great price for those looking to buy an extra as a gift.

Pertaining to the earlier komuso shift review, the Eden mouthpiece and chain are of vastly higher quality.

The mouthpiece end of the Bliss is not slanted only on one side, but is slanted instead on both sides, forming a soft, rounded point at the tip to help fully seal the lips without intruding on the teeth.

The Eden also has what is called a "curb chain". Curb chains are proven to be not only much more durable, but also due to their interlinking nature that lets them flatten together. This means the chains stay together longer and keep hair from being caught in them.

The Bliss Eden also comes with a variety of extra merch, without raising their price - a chakra bracelet that helps balance your energetic system, or that can be used to remind you to stay grounded and mindful all the time.

The Eden anxiety necklace also comes with a cleaning brush, cloth, premium leather pouch, and colorful laptop stickers that many customers give to their kids, nephews or nieces! We've seen Bliss stickers all over the place - laptops, windows, backpacks, lockers, and more.

The love the team has put into every box truly shows that the Bliss team cares for its customers.

Speaking of caring for customers, the speed of shipping and customer service of Bliss is unmatched.

Bliss' Team is phenomenal with their 3-day speed of shipping with the USA, and is always happy to reply to any question you have.

The Eden is crafted with medical-grade 316 stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion, and fully waterproof. It is slender, beautifully polished, and fits with any outfit you can think of from casual to formal wear.

The Eden comes in four color options; gold, silver, rose gold, and black, each carefully tended to.

The Eden is also whisper-quiet, weighs just a few grams in weight, and is perfectly measured to optimize the breath and calm your anxiety through science-based and ancient breathing modalities.

For the highest quality anxiety breathing necklace on the market, that title absolutely goes to the Eden.

anxiety necklace

Final thoughts

This Komuso Shift review was extensive, and we've come to the conclusion that the Bliss Eden is a superior option when breaking down the individual aspects of each, namely the cost, design, and support.

The Bliss Eden has been proven to be more affordable, comes with great goodies out of the box, and has better all-around company and product quality.

Anxiety necklaces are easily an effective anxiety self-management tool or companion to meditation or mindfulness practices, as well as amazing tools for quitting smoking or vaping. The Eden undoubtedly takes the crown in that battle!

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