How to Use Fake Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

How to Use Fake Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Have you heard that when you smoke, your lifespan reduces by an average of 10 years?

Sad, right? Each and every cigarette you purchase in stores causes this extreme damage. Do you want to live shorter than you should?

If not, it should spur you into action - smokers worldwide are now trying to quit by finding habits and alternatives that can replace the feeling of smoking.

A person starting to quit at the age of 25 can expect to live roughly 10 years longer after quitting. 

The quicker you start your journey to quit and make the effort to live longer, the happier you - and your loved ones - will be.

Later on, I’ll teach you how to use fake cigarettes to quit smoking, using the best tool I used.

For now, let’s delve into more details about its effects.

Why Smoking Shortens Your Lifespan 

You may be wondering, “how does this cigarette–a small stick of chemicals cause my life to be shorter?” 

The keyword is chemicals.

Smoking affects almost every system in the human body. To start, tar, a black substance that has a sticky texture, affects the respiratory system as it spreads around the lungs and can injure lung tissue.

Nicotine, an addictive substance, takes part in damaging the cardiovascular system, resulting in the occurrence of heart disease and stroke.

Not just that, a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide minimizes the amount of oxygen found in blood, affecting the immune system by giving white blood cells a hard time to function.

Now, I think that’s enough to prove that smoking really shortens your lifespan.

Let’s move on to the habits to change!

Why Habits Are The Key To Quitting 

Smoking a couple of times a day develops a habit. When you don’t do it even once, you already miss the feeling of it. 

It becomes a part of your routine that gets tougher to break if you consistently do it. That makes it your comfort habit to do.

One of the main habits that you develop from smoking is hand-to-mouth, where you get used to the movement of putting a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it.

Another habit - not inherently damaging in and of itself - would be the inhale and exhale sensation of smoking. This mimics a deep sigh, which without inhaling smoke, is actually a relaxing action.

You tend to smoke to remove any feeling of stress or boredom by getting relaxed with every inhale and exhale of a cigarette.

The third habit is hand fidgeting; it’s where you move your hands around while smoking, holding a small item.

So, for the next one, I’ll now tell you how to use fake cigarettes to quit smoking!

How to Use Fake Cigarettes to Quit Smoking 

Undeniably, combating the 3 main habits I talked about is hard, but as everyone says, if there's a will, there’s a way!

I found out about the use of fake cigarettes and its benefits for helping to quit.

You would need a small object to mimic the size and feel of a cigarette, just like a fidget toy or a stress ball.

Also, something hollow, such as a drinking straw or an empty pen, can imitate the airflow of smoking.

However, if you feel the craving when you’re in public, it’s not stylish to use these items, right?

For that reason, I discovered the perfect item that fits all the requirements of using a fake cigarette.

The Best Fake Cigarette to Quit Smoking

how to use fake cigarettes to quit smoking

Enter the Bliss Eden Necklace, the most ideal fake cigarette ever made.

Its shape feels like a cigarette, as it is small and hollow. You can literally mimic the feeling of slow inhalation and exhalation.

It also aids in replacing the hand-to-mouth habit - it’s easily accessible since the Eden is a custom-machined pendant. 

The material is made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel, which is not just waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and mouth-safe material but also great for those who have sensitive skin! 

What’s even better about the Eden is that it’s whisper-quiet, has no scent, no smoke, and is 100% natural, so it’s perfect to use even in public places. 

Bliss made it into four colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black–that hang conveniently on a beautiful chain to match with any style that you want to achieve for your look! It also weighs barely a few grams, meaning it’s comfortable to wear.

Inside the beautiful box, it also comes with a premium pouch, cleaning cloth and brush, stickers, a chakra bracelet, and instructions on how to use fake cigarettes to quit smoking.

Not convinced? Bliss offers a money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, and incredible customer service. Look no further!


Smoking is an addictive habit that causes a lot of harmful effects within the systems of our body causing us to live shorter lives. 

The habits that you develop during the process are difficult to break, but not impossible! 

In my experience with Eden, it directly helped me to make notable progress in my journey of quitting, and it’s very convenient since it’s an all-in-one fake cigarette. 

I hope you get to start your own journey and be more mindful of your health. Make the Eden your companion in this healing process!

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