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Best Ways To Stop Vaping

by Natalie Miller on Feb 29, 2024

Best Ways To Stop Vaping

Plenty of people resort to using vapes as a crutch for stress and anxiety relief, but did you know that vaping is addictive, as well as dangerous? 

Some chemicals in vape products and e-cigarettes, such as a group of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), have been linked to cancer of the lungs, bladder and gastrointestinal system.

There’s really no “safe level” of exposure to PAHs. Any exposure is dangerous, and may lead to horrible consequences for your health.

In this article, we’ll cover just how harmful vaping is, and then show you the best ways to stop vaping and fight off stress, too, while you’re at it.

Can Vaping Really Cause Cancer?

Yes, it really can. PAHs are not the only chemicals found in vaping products that are linked to cancer, there’s also others, such as formaldehyde (the same stuff used to embalm corpses at funeral homes!) and heavy metals.

There are others, too, depending on the brand of vape. Suffice to say, vaping isn’t free from the risk of causing cancer.

And the dangers don’t even stop at cancer. Vaping can lead to a condition branded EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping associated lung injury), which leaves the lungs scarred, and also damages other parts of the body, the intestines and stomach among them.

Ultrafine particles of material, present in the vapor, are also a concern. These particles are solid, yet so fine that they may easily be deeply inhaled, damaging the airways and tissue deep within the lungs.

In light of all of these facts, vaping is hardly the “safe alternative to smoking” that it was once thought to be. In fact, it has the potential of being equally, or even more dangerous in some cases.

Let’s focus on PAHs. PAHs are, essentially, a class of pollutants that is known to cause lung cancer. They get released in the smoke, or in this case vapor, resulting from the burning or evaporation of organic matter.

PAHs are also present in the smoke released by wildfires, for example. Researchers have known for some time that PAHs cause cancer, and that’s part of why areas downwind of wildfires often get evacuated, besides the obvious primary concern of the fire spreading there.

In the cases where the vape product contains nicotine, there’s also an even higher risk of health problems, due to the added negative effect on blood flow, heart and brain chemistry health.

Nicotine is also highly addictive, and millions worldwide struggle with nicotine addiction.

Let’s jump straight to showing you the best ways to stop vaping and achieve a healthier version of yourself.

Best Ways To Stop Vaping

#1 - Meditation

Through meditation, one can achieve a feeling of inner peace, allowing them to ground themselves in the moment and let go of all stresses and worries.

And it’s an all natural, healthy coping mechanism for stress and anxiety, which places it far above vaping by default.

How it works is you get into a comfortable position, whether that be sitting or laying down, and do some deep breathing exercises to enter a meditative, or trance-like, state.

We’ll talk more about the breathing exercises next, but for now, we’ll focus on just the meditation.

Once you’re in the meditative state, it’s going to feel as if all your stresses and worries are leaving your mind and body. This deep level of relaxation makes it easy to focus on the present moment, and do some introspection, or just take a well-deserved break from the hurdles of daily life.

What makes meditation one of the best ways to stop vaping is that it can be used to fight both the urge to use, as well as two of the most common reasons people vape in the first place, namely stress and anxiety.

How it helps get rid of the urge and cravings while quitting vaping is by letting you ground yourself in the moment, and taking your focus away from the cravings, both mentally and physically.

The main downsides of this method are that you can only do it in a quiet environment without others nearby, and it’s only effective if you’re able to get into a relaxed position, both of those things possibly not being available throughout every single moment of the day.

#2 - Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises mainly focus on engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. That’s the body’s “rest and digest” natural response after the end of a “fight or flight” response, but not many people know that you can engage it at will through breathing exercises in order to fight off general stress and/or anxiety.

It also works wonders against vaping addiction, since on top of fighting off the anxiety and stress contributing to the urge to vape, breathing exercises also give you the familiar sensation of deeply inhaling that you might have grown familiar to as a result of vaping, but without any of the health drawbacks that vaping has.

In a way, deep breathing exercises can be described as a sort of “meditation-lite”, since you do not necessarily need a quiet place or comfortable furniture to perform them.

They’re a bit less effective than meditation, but they work great in a pinch.

How they work is you’re supposed to breathe in deeply for a few seconds, through your belly. Then you’re supposed to hold the breath in for a few seconds, and lastly, exhale for a few seconds, completely. Repeat as needed.

You decide the number of seconds you feel comfortable with for each of the three steps.

The main downside of this method is that it may appear odd to others, so if that’s a concern, you may wish to avoid doing it when others are nearby.

#3 - Habit Replacement

Habit replacement as a method for quitting vaping is centered around keeping the vape-related habits you’ve gotten used to, while eliminating the vape from the equation.

The three main habits that people who vape form are the object holding habit, the hand-to-mouth habit, and the inhaling/exhaling habit.

To follow this method, simply replace the vape with a simple, safe object, such as a pen or pencil, and keep doing these actions with the chosen object instead of the vape.

What this does is it makes the cravings less intense, and provide familiarity even while you’re making a lifestyle change, as your subconscious will be aware of you maintaining these habits it’s gotten used to, while still eliminating the vape from your lifestyle.

The main downside to this otherwise effective method is that people may think it’s odd if you walk around holding a pen and occasionally putting it in your mouth and puffing on it. 

A workaround would be either only doing this in private, or reserving the hand-to-mouth and inhale/exhale habit for private settings and just holding the pen while in public.

#4 - The Best Way To Stop Vaping, The Bliss Eden

Last but not least, we have the Bliss Eden, a tool designed for the purpose of helping you kick your vaping habit. It combines all of the methods listed above in one, and allows you to use them anytime, anywhere in a discreet way, unnoticeable to others.

Shaped like a pendant and coming together with a beautiful chain for you to wear around your neck, the Bliss Eden is made with discretion in mind, so you can ease withdrawal symptoms without worrying about people finding out what you’re doing.

Made out of medical-grade 316 stainless steel, it’s a drug-free alternative to vaping, 100% healthy and safe to use.

The mouthpiece and interior are custom-machined to allow you to draw and release deep, relaxing breaths through it, and making deep breathing exercises very easy, even while on the move.

Breathing through it also produces almost no sound, as the Bliss Eden is whisper-quiet. The pendant-like shape also does not arouse any curiosity.

You can also use it in place of the vape for the habit replacement method, which will help you lessen any cravings you may feel. You can hold it in your hand, put the mouthpiece in your mouth to replace the vape-associated oral fixation and breathe through it to mimic the feeling of vaping, without any of the harm that vaping does to your body.

Being as light as a feather, it’s very comfortable to carry anywhere, the Bliss Eden’s portability being yet another high advantage it has over the other methods.

When you order the Bliss Eden, you get the generous choice of four stylish colors for it: gold, rose gold, silver and matte black.

Packaged with the Bliss Eden and its beautiful chain are also a cleaning cloth and brush, stickers and a chakra bracelet, for you to wear and get a proper start to your spiritual journey, should that interest you.

The Bliss Eden also offers excellent customer support to all its users, alongside 3-day shipping across the USA and a money-back policy if you’re, for some reason, unsatisfied with the product’s performance.

All of this undoubtedly makes the Bliss Eden the best way to stop vaping.


Vaping is harmful and dangerous to our health, and trying to quit while being addicted to it may be quite the challenge, but fortunately, tools like the Bliss Eden exist to make this journey much easier.

I hope that you manage to quit vaping and reclaim your well-deserved good health. Take care.

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