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Best Natural Remedies For Nicotine Addiction

by Natalie Miller on Apr 04, 2024

Best Natural Remedies For Nicotine Addiction

Did you know that tobacco kills roughly half of its users who do not quit? That’s just from smoking alone! If we add in deaths from other nicotine-based products, such as vape pens, into the mix, then the death toll goes from terrifying to outright existentially dreadful.

Regardless of how it’s ingested, nicotine is always harmful to the human body. Yes, even in the form of patches, or e-cigs/vapes. Nicotine is, after all, a substance that’s toxic to humans. It increases blood pressure, among many other things.

Worry not, friend, because what we’re about to talk about in this article are the best natural remedies for nicotine addiction, which you can use regardless of the way your addiction is maintained (smoking, vaping, etc.).

But first, let’s just take a quick, more in-depth glance at what damage nicotine does to your body, exactly. Y’know, just in case you needed the extra motivation.

How Nicotine Wrecks Your Body

Let me start by saying that nicotine is a drug. This may come as a shocker to some, but yeah, it is. Just because it’s legal in most places doesn’t mean it’s not a harmful drug.

It’s classed as a stimulant drug. It temporarily increases alertness, concentration power and decreases appetite.

You might ask: “So what’s bad about that? Sounds like a pretty damn useful substance!”, and you know what? You might be right, as long as we don’t take into account the side effects, which are many and very, very serious.

Once we account for the side effects, the few benefits nicotine offers are rendered irrelevant when compared to the ocean of drawbacks it comes packaged with.

Starting with the most well-known drawbacks, let’s go straight to high blood pressure. That’s never good, right? It increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, and more issues that can lead one to an early grave.

Blood vessels are also damaged by nicotine consumption, and as such, quite a number of nicotine users end up suffering from gangrene and needing amputations of parts of their limbs or even whole limbs sometimes.

Nicotine is also addictive. Most people can’t just do it once in a blue moon and that’s it, no. Typically, there is rarely ever an “occasional” nicotine user. The most common occurrence, with the vast majority of users, is chronic use fueled by addiction.

Additionally, a lesser known side effect is that nicotine affects the brain chemistry. You read that right. Nicotine messes with our brain-juices. It’s been linked with increased risk of, for example, the major depressive and bipolar disorders.

Alright, I think I spooked you enough with this. Let’s move on to the really constructive part of the article, the part where I present you the best natural remedies for nicotine addiction.

Best Natural Remedies For Nicotine Addiction

  • Habit Replacement Method

  • Nicotine addiction comes with many habits, differing based on your preferred method of consumption, but typically following the same principle: You hold an object (cigarette/vape pen/etc.), you bring that object to your mouth, and you inhale from it followed by exhalation, and repeating.

    So, we can now say there’s 3 main habits to replace with nicotine-free, healthy habits: the object holding habit, the hand-to-mouth habit, and the inhale/exhale habit.

    For the object holding habit, we can substitute the nicotine-containing item with an everyday item that doesn’t contain nicotine. Say, a pen or pencil. It’ll help replace the feeling/habit of holding something in your hand, while allowing you to do so healthily. The downside? Well, you can barely use it for the inhale/exhale habit. Plus it’s awkward to put it in your mouth in public, and depending on the circumstances, even hold it while walking around.

    For the hand to mouth habit, you can use a similar object. But again, it’s going to look awkward in public when you put a pencil in your mouth over and over, right? You can still do it no-problem in your own place or other private settings, though.

    As for the inhale-exhale habit, you could use something like a drinking straw. It’s easy to carry around with you, and can also hold the place of the hand-to-mouth and object holding habits as well. But the awkwardness factor in public remains with this, as well.

    Let’s move on to the next method.

  • Deep Breathing Exercises

  • Deep breathing exercises can help you calm down, and are very useful to ground yourself in the moment, focusing away from the urge to use nicotine.

    It’s proven that these types of exercises can help you achieve a calmer state of mind, and are helpful against addiction as well as stress. There’re a couple of downsides, however.

    First, they’re kinda hard to get right as a beginner, which can end up frustrating you, and harming your progress in your nicotine-free journey.

    Second, doing breathing exercises on the go is hard, and also odd-looking. You typically want a quiet, secluded place to be able to do them in, which you may not always have whenever the urges to use nicotine surface.

    Worry not, though. The next method combines all of the methods listed above. I saved the best for last.

    The Best Natural Remedy For Nicotine Addiction, The Bliss Eden

    The Bliss Eden is a wonderful little marvel of technology. It is a small, pendant-like device that can be worn around your neck, and used discreetly anytime, anywhere.

    It’s made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel. Nothing dangerous about its composition, compared to some other solutions on the market.

    Free of harmful chemicals or materials, the Bliss Eden is custom-machined to allow for and facilitate (read: make easier) slow, deep breathing that mimic both the inhale/exhale of breathing exercises as well as of nicotine consumption. 

    It is effectively killing two birds with one stone by replacing the inhale/exhale habit and the deep breathing exercises with the same action.

    In addition, it also replaces the hand-to-mouth and object holding habits. Being small and feather-light, and coupled with its pendant-like appearance, it’s easy to use it discreetly even in public.

    Did I mention it’s near-silent? Because it is. So you don’t have to worry about making much sound when breathing through it outside, at work or wherever else you may have that concern.

    You get to choose from four colors: matte black, rose gold, gold and silver. The Bliss Eden comes on a chain, to make it easy to wear around your neck. It also comes with some extra stuff.

    A cleaning cloth and brush, a chakra bracelet for those spiritually-inclined who wish to get started on their spiritual journey, and stickers.

    This wonderful little multi-tool of mindfulness and addiction-overcoming also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied, as well as excellent customer support, and 3-day shipping within the U.S. of A..

    I recommend this solution to all those looking to overcome their nicotine addiction, as it combines all the methods listed above into just one, and does so very effectively.


    Nicotine addiction is a serious issue in our society. Even despite less people being addicted now than some years ago, it remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

    It takes a lot of strength to quit, and one should use any help they can get when choosing to embark on this journey for a healthier life. Luckily, the Bliss Eden is the perfect help for this situation.

    Whether you’re just now starting your nicotine-free journey, or have been at it for a while, I wish you the best of luck in finally overcoming your addiction and achieving the healthy, happy lifestyle you deserve to have.

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