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Best Anxiety Jewelry

by Natalie M on Jul 18, 2023

Best Anxiety Jewelry

The rise of anxiety among younger generations has become a true epidemic.

Luckily, many are turning to alternative methods of self-management, as they've found that pharmaceuticals and other invasive forms of therapy often present more harm than benefit.

One of the natural - and much cheaper - methods of self-management rising in popularity is anxiety jewelry.

Let's take a deep dive into the best types of anxiety jewelry, and my favorite of the bunch!

What is Anxiety Jewelry?

Anxiety jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Anxiety jewelry is basically any piece of jewelry designed to - through tactile feedback, breathwork, or other methods, distracts or comfort your mind and body during anxiety or panic attacks.

There are several different types of anxiety jewelry.

Some jewelry is meant to be fiddled with while other types use breathing. Others use words, reminders, or other sensory methods.

We're going to go over 3 of the most common and widely-used forms, and see which is the best!

Types of Anxiety Jewelry

Breathing Necklaces

best anxiety jewelry

Breathing necklaces are the true king of anxiety jewelry.

Why do I say this?

They're stylish, unobtrusive, can be worn over or under clothing, and have a very special characteristic - the use of breathwork.

They work by exhaling through the stainless steel pendant, allowing your body to enter a calmed state through lowered cortisol. Science!

They can also be touched as reminders to stay grounded, and can also be used in many instances to quit vaping or smoking.

We'll talk about these later on too...

Fidget Rings

Fidget rings are one of the earliest forms of anxiety jewelry. 

They can also be called "spinner” rings - they are basically wearable fidget spinners made up of different, moveable pieces.

Spinner rings generally have two pieces: a piece of the ring that is worn and a piece on top of that piece that spins when moved.

They act as tactile feedback by spinning the center part when one feels anxious.

Fairly simple!

Fidget Bracelets

Fidget bracelets are a cousin of the fidget rings.

They are essentially feeding the same sensory action that rings are, just in a different physical form.

These are best for those of us who don't like the feeling of rings (especially washing your hands with them!) or need something larger that we won't easily lose.

They can be a decent option, if your main source of anxiety is easily satisfied by sensory actions like spinning small balls.

Hint: the product I'm about to show you actually has one of these as a combo deal, shhh...

Best Anxiety Jewelry

After trying all of the above solutions not only for myself, but also for my parents and nephews, I came to the conclusion that there is no better solution than the Bliss Eden necklace.


While many other types of anxiety jewelry are OK, they generally just do one thing - tactile feedback.

However, the Bliss Eden anxiety necklace enters a whole new arena - actual, ancient and scientifically proven nervous system calming through breathwork, while being fully fashionable. It's like a cheat code.


And after testing all of the anxiety jewelry on the market personally, I found the Bliss Eden Necklace to the best of the best for a ton of reasons.

As far as jewelry goes, it's high-quality material - custom-made with medical-grade 316 stainless steel. 

The form of steel they use is a waterproof, corrosion-resistant and mouth-safe version, so it's fine to touch and breathe through forever.

Exhaling through the pendant is proven to calm your sympathetic nervous system, engage your parasympathetic nervous system, and lower your cortisol - this has a much more effective and hormonally-balancing effect than simply touching or fidgeting with a ring.

The Eden is as stylish as any jewelry you'll come across - it comes in gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black. Lots of options to match with anything from your casual work wear to a formal event.

It's as quiet as can be - even quieter than some fidget rings, which build up rust between the parts - weighs barely a few grams, and hangs conveniently on a perfectly-balanced beautiful chain.

To top it all off, Bliss has a money-back guarantee, 3-day USA shipping, hundreds of positive reviews.


best anxiety jewelry

Not only all this, but the Bliss Eden also comes with a chakra bracelet (as you can see above) - this doubles as a fidget bracelet, so you don't even have to go look for one, it's a combo deal!


After going through a few of the best anxiety jewellery options, we've landed on perhaps the king of them - the breathing necklace - specifically from Bliss.

Utilizing the power of breathwork to scientifically calm your nervous system and lower your cortisol levels is the true path to becoming calmer, healthier, and more centered. 

Anxiety is a difficult mountain to climb, but the Eden will help you fly right over it!

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